John McElhenney: Positive Divorce: Upward and Onward After Splitting Up

Even when you feel like you’re not getting through to them, you are. The support they feel just from your check-ins cannot be underestimated. Letting them know you love them. Making sure they hear it from you as often as they will┬átolerate it. Read more: Parents-Dads, Divorce, Kids, Life After Divorce, Parenting After Divorce, Parenting, ...

Sarah Bregel: If You Don’t Support Women’s Rights in Birth, Don’t Call Yourself a Feminist

Support choice whenever possible. Empower women. Listen. Learn. Don’t be part of the problem. Don’t tell her her birth isn’t important or that she is stupid or selfish for caring about it. Be part of the solution. Read more: Birth, Women, Hospital Birth, Parenting, Home Birth, Feminism, Maternal Health Crisis, Global Motherhood, Parents News

Mommy Nearest: 6 Things That Surprise Me About My Kids

At night I write down things in my journal that surprised me most that day, along with moments that spoke to my heart and inspired me. Most of the time, I’m writing about my son and daughter. Here are a few ways they have surprised me most. Read more: What I’ve Learned About Motherhood, Growing ...

Karri-Leigh P. Mastrangelo: This 4-Year-Old Has A Powerful Message For The World

My 4-year-old daughter loves to create imaginative stories as she flips through her books, but will only recite them aloud if she believes she is alone. Sneaking upon her one afternoon, I heard the most incredible thing. Read more: Kids Reading, Funny Videos, Helping Others, Funny Things Kids Say, Community, Parenting, Modern Parenting, Parenting Advice, ...

Karen Mangiacotti: Pumpkin Parenting

Left on their own to find their way, pumpkins and children usually do just that. Read more: Organic Gardening, Working Mothers, Kids, Raising Children, Parenting, Moms, Parenting Advice, Parents-Moms, Working Moms, Pumpkin Parenting, Girl on Saturday, Parents News

Kate Carr: Keeping Teens Safe on the Streets

Teens who have been hit or almost hit also think its normal to cross the street while texting or talking on the phone. Read more: Parents, Parenting, Teens, Teenagers, Walking, Pedestrians, Safety, Cars, Kate Carr, Safe Kids, Safe Kids Worldwide, Parents News

The Power of Place: One Last Thought on Moving

The Power of Place: One Last Thought on Moving
Is our new city changing us? Or would we be changing anyway, simply by virtue of growing up, getting older, and evolving in our lives?

Because I love you, I do not hesitate to set firm limits.

Because I love you, I do not hesitate to set firm limits.

Christine French Cully: Optimism: The Silver Lining in a Chaotic World

How do we shield our children from news of these horrific events? Is it even possible? I talk to a colleague whose kindergartner has missed several days of school while the manhunt for the shooter in the woods ensues. Read more: Talking to Kids, Listening, Parenting, Hard Conversations, Optimism, Talking to Kids About Tragedy, Parents ...

Dr. Jim Taylor: Acts of Compassion Speak Louder than Words to Your Children

Developing the capacity for compassion and sharing is a huge challenge for young children. Because they are still in an egocentric stage of developm… Read more: Giving Diversity, Empathy, Child Development, Values, Children, Sharing Love, Parenting, Compassion, Parents, Family, Love Matters, Parents News