… Faith, laughter help Royals superfan recover after shot by would-be robbers www.kctv5.comIt’s been a week and a half since Jimmy Faseler was shot when police say he interrupted three people breaking into his home.

Cynthia Gibbs-Wilborn: Plugged-in Takes on a Whole New Meaning

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Jenny Evans: 42 Signs You Have A Big Family

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Kimanzi Constable: The Day After My Father’s Funeral

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Meg Conley: Let’s Stop Sharing Photos Of Our Kids’ Crying, Snot-Nosed Meltdowns

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Quantity Time Begets Quality Time, and Parents Spend Enough of Both

It’s time to look at our family calendars as half full, not half empty.

Alison Chrun: 8 Signs You’re Pissing Off Your Online Friends

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