Kathy Walsh: Teaching Kids Reverence and Respect for All Living Things

eing mindful does not mean being happy all the time. It means being “present.” Read more: Parenting, Mindfulness, Pets, Mindful Parenting, Life With Kids, Dogs, Moments Not Milestones, Parents News http://familylifeworks.org/blog

Amy Nielson: Teaching Children How to Offer Apologies That Stick

I want my children to be sorry, not just say it. I want them to know why they are sorry, and to leave the situation with a plan to avoid repeating it. That is why I changed the apology process at our house. This is what it looks like now. Read more: Parenting, Discipline, Apologies, ...

Tamar Chansky: 10 Tips on How to Correct Your Anxious Child

The next time your anxious child makes a mistake, take a deep breath, encourage your child to do the same, and by talking it through, give your child the gift of seeing that there is life on the other side of this moment. Read more: Parenting, Anxiety, Anxious Children, Resilience, Discipline, Child Discipline, Authoritative Parents, ...

Shelly Wood: When Church Is A Choice

Whatever the reasons, when parents don’t make their kids go to church, I am certain they are doing so out of protection. I have no doubt that the decision is well-meaning. It’s not that they are saying that God isn’t important. They are saying that religion isn’t important to know God. But here’s the problem. ...

Jessica Herthel: How to Talk to Your Kids About Bruce Jenner

At the end of the day, dodging the question just means that our kids are going to hear about Bruce Jenner from someone else; most likely an ill-informed classmate on the playground. Better we show respect for our kids by keeping it simple and speaking the truth, just as Bruce Jenner has finally and admirably ...

Michelle Gale: Self-Compassion Is The Key to Parenting

Embrace your messiness,┬ádear parents… we probably aren’t as bad as we might lead ourselves to believe. My kids taught me that (as usual). Read more: Parenting, Parents-Moms, Parents, Mindfulness, Mindful Parenting, Mindful Living, Consciousness, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Relationships, Parents News http://familylifeworks.org/blog

Christine Carter: How To Say No To Your Kids

It is up to us parents to help our kids shift their perspective from the constant need for instant gratification to a deeper understanding of self-control. Read more: Parenting, Parenting Advice, Saying No, Entitlement, Raising Children, Greed, How to Say No, How to Say No to Kids, Parents News http://familylifeworks.org/blog

Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D.: Managing Test Anxiety in Today’s High Stakes Testing Era

School worry and test worry are common. There has become an increased focus on grades, GPAs, and a fear-based mentality that kids will not get into a good college unless they have a 4.6 GPA. Sadly, this fearful mentality has trickled down all the way to elementary school today! What is going on? And what ...

Jennifer McGaha: 20 Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me

There are a million different ways to cook potatoes, all of them good. Vinegar will clean pretty much anything. Read more: Mothers, Motherhood, Mother’s Day, Women, Parenting, Families, Kids, Humor, Comedy, Mother-Daughter Relationship, Life Lessons, Women News http://familylifeworks.org/blog

Kari Sandoval Gonzalez: Why I Stopped Hiding Vegetables

Food becomes an issue when you make it an issue. This I’ve learned the hard way. Normalizing a plant-focused and well-rounded diet means letting children come face-to-face with their greens and preparing them in way that honors the plant’s essence. Read more: Toddlers, Foods, Nutrition, Eating, Parenting, Parents-Moms, Life Handbook, Parents News http://familylifeworks.org/blog