Mommy Nearest: 5 Reasons to Have a Big Party for Your Child’s First Birthday

Birthday parties are something all kids look forward to. But as a parent, let’s face it — they basically suck. If your kids aren’t old enough to have any opinion regarding their birthday parties just yet, consider yourself… Read More

Melissa Fenton: Dear Moms Who Assumed I Was a Perfect Sanctimommy

It was one innocent comment. A thought. An opinion. Something each of us has all day, every day. We glance for a second at another family, a mom, and she is doing something that we don’t do in… Read More

Cindy Campbell: The Power of Yes: Why This Mom Said “Yes” to the Mess

For every ounce of pain and anger I am plagued with, I also live this life with the ability to love harder and appreciate more than I ever imagined possible. The hair on my son’s head never smelled… Read More

Greg Schwem: This Selfie Stick Makes My Life Awesome!

For a week I sat in a lawn chair next to our mailbox, waiting for the sound of the U.S. Postal truck. Or UPS. I didn’t care who delivered it. But the wait was unbearable. Read more: Satire,… Read More

Jennifer Hanley: Parents, Help Your Connected Teens Get Safety Savvy This Summer

Take this time to encourage your family to connect and get some new tech skills, but also to have important discussions about not over-sharing, balancing screen time, using privacy settings, and making sure the whole world can’t see… Read More

Adrian Kulp: 10 Things I’ve Done Wrong As A Stay-At-Home Dad

I never took any parenting classes. I never read any books that would prepare me to be a father, let alone the primary-caregiver-type. Much like an apprenticeship, this is one of those “on-the-job” training situations. Read more: Parenting,… Read More

Nine Apps for Travel With One iPad and More Than One Kid

Turning a battle over a single screen into cooperative play.

Erin Janda Rawlings: Welcome Aboard the SS Summer Fun Cruise Ship!

Years and years ago, I went on my first and only (as of yet) cruise. It was the glorious Jubilee from Carnival (and by glorious, I mean it *was* glorious . . . circa 1987). Read more: Summer,… Read More

Samantha Rodman PhD: Why TV Is Okay for Kids

In my only child post I discussed my view that an only child should have less stringent screen time limits than other kids, because they need to know what everyone else is talking about at school, and TV… Read More

Dr. John DeGarmo: Rewards in Foster Parenting: Rewards in Love

Before I was a foster parent, I had some mixed views about the foster care system. To say that I was unaware and ignorant of what foster care was about is quite the understatement. Read more: Foster Parents,… Read More