Lori Day: Why We Should Talk to Our Kids About Class and Privilege

I remember the very first, rather generic conversation I had with my daughter when she was in elementary school about how her life compared with the lives of other children on this planet. Read more: Class, Socioeconomic Class,… Read More

Lakshmi Iyer: On the Outside Looking In

Battling infertility, I watched my peers go on to have a child, or two or three. I sat through their baby showers, first birthdays and first day of kindergarten. I lingered, at the center of their intersecting lives,… Read More

Daria Simeone: Now That You Can Put Your Shoes On, It’s Your Turn

I know, my fat little ball once, now a muscly little girl with the smoothest back, here we go. I think our symbiosis is over. I hated it, I loved it, I will never forget it. Now it’s… Read More

Mia Redrick: Why Women Need Permission

The most fulfilled women I know are the ones who have given themselves permission to be vulnerable enough to say they need support, and who have the clarity to ask for exactly what they need without seeking approval… Read More

Dr. Jane Aronson: I Want Mama

You are in pain and you do feel deep loss, but it goes under and is hidden and not accessible when it is not answered or comforted. You become depressed. Social skills and development become delayed and hope… Read More

Greater Good Science Center: Getting Your Kid to Talk About School

As the first day of school quickly approaches, parents are asking me how to get their kids to talk to them more about school. We parents want information! We feel that in exchange for our nurturance and worry… Read More

Jennifer Cowie King: There’s No Quitting in Parenthood

No, I’m not going to quit today or any other day on you, my precious son. My beautiful boy with the wide blue eyes and impossibly blonde hair. As much as you confound and challenge me, you inspire… Read More

Amy Aves Challenger: Back-To-School Means Back-To-Hell For Too Many Kids

Today I’m sending a shout-out to the moms and dads who’re battling for their kids. Get some rest. Hug your child. Then lets pull each other out of our valleys and get BACK-to-school. I mean the loving-learning-friend-making-fun-filled-school! Read… Read More

Rachel Macy Stafford: The 3-Second Pause That Can Save A Morning And Spare Some Pain

It was my children’s first day back to school after a two-week holiday break. The school bus was due to pull up to the corner in four minutes. My daughters were doing their last-minute gathering of shoes, coats,… Read More

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