Romper: 8 Ways Growing Up In A Divorced Home Makes You A Better Parent

Often, the hardest part about divorce is the separation of a child from his or her parents, and if you’ve been a child of divorce, you know that firsthand. Read more: Divorce, Family, Parenting, Parents, Parenting Advice, Parenting After Divorce, Divorce News

Quora: How Stephanie McMahon Succesffully Cares For Her Family, Stays Fit, Pursues Hobbies And Travels For Her Job

I do the best I can. My mother once taught me that it will never be a perfect balance between work and family. You have to learn to prioritize and understand that you will need to make sacrifices, but you make sacrifices as a family. I train at night so that I have time to ...

Bekka Ross Russell: But Aren’t Those Kids Broken? Poverty Porn vs. Reality

When I decided to spend most of a year living and volunteering in Tanzania, I said early on that I didn’t want to do orphanage work. I love kids, always have, and for exactly that reason, I thought it would be too sad to be around traumatized, orphaned children. I couldn’t have been more wrong. ...

Janie Porter: Stop Scheduling Playdates And Start Enjoying Your Kids

It’s such a contradiction. I dreamt for so many years of being a stay-at-home mom, and when it finally happened, I started to get bored. So then I started scheduling a bunch of stuff, and before I knew it, I wasn’t even enjoying my kids. Here’s how I changed that. Read more: Motherhood, Mom, Mom ...

Adina Ciment: Becoming That Neurotic Mother

It’s been a few months since my son’s brain surgery. A few months since words like “resection” and “craniotomy” and “temporal lobe” became part of my almost daily vocabulary. I went from someone who took her kid to the doctor once a year, to someone who has an entire team of doctors to choose from ...

Jenny G. Perry: That Time They Said I Wasn’t Bullied

It’s not about having a sense of humor. I love silly and sarcastic stuff. Mean humor is not my thing, but especially when directly towards people with the intent to hurt. Read more: Bullying, Positivity, Be the Change, Parenting, Self-Help, Empowerment, Cyberbullying, Women News

6-Year-Old’s Response To Parent Transitioning Is Absolutely Perfect

Sometimes children can teach us the most powerful lessons in the simplest of words. Shalee Ellis’ partner, Mallory, recently came out as transgender…. Read more: Transgender, Trans Issues, Parenting, Queer Issues, Trans Parents, Queer Voices News

Rachel Brehm: Motherhood Is a Season

Motherhood is a season — the good and the bad, the sweet moments sprinkled in with the hard days. It’s raising babies, then kids, then teenagers, then adults — each is an ever moving season, and I want to hang on so tightly to the one I’m in now. Read more: Parenting, Parents-Moms, Parents, Parenting ...

Tony Buchsbaum: When Does a Father Become a Dad?

I’ve always known that having a child would make me a father and that raising that child would make me a dad. I’ve mentioned this to many dads over the years, and they usually tell me they’ve never distinguished between the two words. Read more: Dads, Fatherhood, Parenting, Delivery, Before Delivery, Parents News

Jeffrey Roach: Why It’s Important to Tell Our Stories

Between the years I spent as that closeted teenager and what my friend and funnyman Bob Smith refers to as a practicing homosexual, I turned to movies, television, and books for some clue as to what my life might look like. What I found wasn’t particularly encouraging. Read more: LGBT Families, Parents-Dads, Writing, Slidepollajax, Culture, ...