How to Say Sorry: Teaching Children to Apologize

A friend’s three-year-old son is still developing his ability to regulate his emotions. He can go from being ecstatic, to devastated, to furious, in the span of a few minutes. During one pre-dinner meltdown last week, he started yelling… Read More

Reading the Bible with America’s Founding Fathers: An Interview with Daniel Dreisbach

No book was more accessible or familiar to the American founders than the Bible, and no book was more frequently alluded to or quoted from in the political discourse of the age. How and for what purposes did… Read More

Bible News Roundup – Week of January 29, 2017

Read this week’s Bible Gateway Weekly Brief newsletter⇨ Bible Gateway Weekly Brief ⇨ Newsletter signup ▼ Support Bible Gateway—Browse the Bible Gateway Store⇨ ▼ Tornado Crushed Mississippi Christian University But Didn’t Touch Bible, Opened to Psalm 46⇨… Read More

“Which Bible Translation Is Best?” – Part 1: Why There Are So Many Bible Translations

Throughout the years Bible Gateway has been online, we’ve heard one question asked regularly. Can you guess what it is? It’s this one: “Which Bible translation is the best?” This is a perfectly reasonable thing to wonder, particularly… Read More

Exploring the Apocrypha at Bible Gateway

If you watched Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony earlier this week, you saw that it started with a prayer offered by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. But did you recognize where in the Bible that prayer came from? The inaugural prayer… Read More

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) Is Revised; Becomes Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

B&H Publishing Group has completed the revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) . Renamed the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB) (@CSBible ), the text will soon be available for reading on Bible Gateway , as well as… Read More

No More Faking Fine: An Interview with Esther Fleece

If you’ve ever been given empty clichés during challenging times, you know how painful it can feel to be misunderstood by well-meaning people. Far too often, it seems the response we get to our hurt and disappointment is… Read More

Open Position: HarperCollins Christian Publishing Is Hiring a Senior Web Developer

Are you an experienced web developer who would love the challenge of working with a major site like Bible Gateway? HarperCollins Christian Publishing is looking to add a Senior Web Developer to their team! This is a chance… Read More

Take Advantage of Bible Gateway Plus

Bible Gateway Plus is a paid service that gives members unlimited 24/7 instant digital access to a valuable list of more than 40 bestselling and critically-acclaimed Bible reference books and devotionals. It also provides a banner ad-free Scripture… Read More

4-Year-Old Recites ABCs Using Bible Verses

A four-year-old boy from Tyler, Texas is an Internet sensation after his video recitation of the alphabet using Bible verses went viral. Here’s the full story as recounted by his father, Taylor Hemness (@taylorhemness ) : Last spring,… Read More