Dance Mom

Motherhood is homework and braces and responsibility. This ain’t no disco.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Largely Because of Motherhood

Some women work just as much after having children, but employers pay them less, too, assuming they will be less committed, research shows.

Grandbabies: The Great Reward for Aging

My generation is spending more money than ever before on these kids. Not to mention time.

To Make America Great Again, Give Your Kids Chores

In “The Vanishing American Adult,” Senator Ben Sasse offers a solution for moral decline: Get tough on your offspring.

Tituss Burgess: The First Time I Had to Parent My Mom

A star of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” talks about growing up in Georgia and taking a firm stance with his mother as an adult.

To Raise Better Kids, Say No

Research shows that allowing children to chase after the newest thing fosters a sense of deficiency that can never be fully satisfied.

Modern Love Podcast: Gideon Glick Reads ‘Just Don’t Call Me Mom’

The Broadway actor (“Significant Other,” “Spring Awakening”) reads David Beach’s essay about a Mother’s Day gift of Mylar balloons that causes a major freakout.

Help! It’s Wear Your Teacher’s Favorite Color Day

Theme days at school and summer camp are out of control.

‘It Made Me Into a Person With a Mission’: Readers React to Motherhood

Readers reacted to an article about “matrescence,” which anthropologists define as the process of becoming a mother.

Modern Love Podcast: Minnie Driver Reads ‘Our Story Ended With a Slow Fade to Black’

On this week’s podcast, the “Speechless” actress reads Patty Dann’s story about facing her husband’s fast-ravaging brain cancer with their young son.