Not Every Teenager Embraces Rebellion: An Interview with Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Teen rebellion is seen as a cultural norm, but is it really? Or is it more that youthful rebellion is not properly understood, especially within the Christian environment? Bible Gateway interviewed Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach (@LifeAsADare ) about her… Read More

See God in the Midst of Your Adversity: An Interview with Lacey Buchanan

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Intro to Theology of the Body for Middle School Parents

  We at Family Lifeworks would like to thank you for allowing us to participate in the important job of giving formation to your children. As you know, middle school students are at a confusing point in their… Read More

Parent Tips: Giving Children Formation in TOB

  “Each child is a unique and unrepeatable person and must receive individualized formation. Since parents know, understand, and love each of their children in their uniqueness, they are in the best position to decide what the appropriate… Read More

03/20/2014: The Affluenza Epidemic: How to Show Your Kids the Value of Money

Do children born to parents who don’t have much money actually have?certain advantages over kids born in more affluent homes? Quite possibly. cheap software for students In my last post, I talked about the book?David and Goliath: Misfits,… Read More

06/12/2013: Kids Won't Do Chores? Try Simple Appreciation

One of the toughest parenting tasks is to get your kids to do their chores.  Let’s face it; for most kids, chores are just not on their radar.  A ten year old just doesn’t see taking out the… Read More

09/26/2012: Should You Admit to Your Child When You're Wrong?

Homer Simpson (the prime pop culture example of an ineffective parent) stated on a recent episode, “Parenting: the one job where you always know you’ve done the right thing!”  Any parent who is honest with themselves can recognize… Read More

07/18/2012: Are We Raising a Generation of Spoiled Kids?

“Take out the garbage. I’ve asked you five times. Do it now!” When I spoke these words to my 9-year-old this afternoon, he rolled his eyes, paused his Super Mario game and stomped off to do the chore I’d been asking… Read More

01/18/2012: Calling the Police on Your Child: Would You or Wouldn't You?

If it came down to it, would you ever call the police on your child? And if so, what would be the last straw — the motivating factor — for you, personally? Consider these recent cases in the… Read More

07/26/2011: Setting Up a Chore Schedule: How I'm Getting My Kids to Do Chores

This may seem crazy, but none of our children have set chores to do on a daily/weekly basis. Maybe it’s because from the time I was nine years old, I helped my mother around the house. She was… Read More